Chamomile Tea.. Maximize ur digestive health..


Camomile Tea benefits are one of the hidden secrets that many people tend to forget. Everyone likes to talk about the benefits of Green Tea, and Mate, but everyone seems to forget the health benefits of Camomile Tea. If you have a cold, you need to make a pot of camomile tea, because the benefits to your imune system are great! Camomile will boost your imune system and help you fight off that nasty cold.

Chamomile Tea.. Health and Digestion..

Chamomile Tea.. Health and Digestion..

In fact, it is a secret fact that the egyptians and romans used to use camomile flowers on wounds, specially prepared, to help speed up the healing process. If you are a female and suffering from menstral cramps, you will be amazed at how well camomile tea works at soothing the cramps.

Basically, camomile tea is a wonder tea that should be kept on hand, and be a part of any medicine cabinet or tea stash. The best part about the tea is the effects of drinking camomile tea will remain for up to two weeks following your last cup, due to the way camomile tea elevates your hippurate and glycine levels. If you have a swollen joints, have pain running on a teadmill, or wake up with swollen knees like me, start drinking camomile tea today! You will be amazed. Let’s go through the top 10 benefits of drinking camomile tea.


  1. Camomile tea reduces diabetic complications and hyperglycemia
  2. Boosts the immune system to fight infections associated with colds
  3. Relieves muscle spasms and menstrual cramps in women
  4. Will relax your nerves
  5. Reduces inflammation
  6. Soothes the stomach
  7. Helps to promote restful sleep
  8. Helps relieve back pain
  9. Helps relieve rheumatism
  10. Improves liver function

Chamomile tea comes from herb Matricaria recutita. Its leaves have been brewed for centuries and drank as a fragrant and flavourful tea. When was the last time you had some camomile tea? Was it for a cold?


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